søndag 11. januar 2015

Personal studies


My name is Julianne.

I love something that I call personal studies.
By this I mean that I take on the role of both the teacher and the student, and I learn about different subject, and go more in depth in all of them.

For example, this year I am learning about jazz.

I give myself homework to do. And I give myself different classes.
In my jazz studies, I obviously listen to a lot of jazz, different genres of jazz.
I sing jazz and learn about the different techniques jazz singers use. I also try to incorporate using other instruments, in my case a guitar and a penny whistle (yeah it's actually possible to play jazz on it). I learn about jazz history, and about some of the important names etc.
I do study other subjects while doing the jazz studies.
But this is my main subject this year.

Why I do it? 

Well, it's something that's very natural to me. I've always taken all of my interest to the next level.

I am a person that loves a lot of things, and I change very quickly, in both values, life styles, interests, fashion etc. I always rearrange the furniture in my house, change up my looks, my music, my views on life, I am in constant change, more than anyone I know. I've struggled with this for many years. Some people have a hard time taking people like me seriously, because we can seem to be easily influenced and quite confused really. For many years I've tried to fit in a mold, to fit in together with a group, but I never seem to be satisfied with this. So I've embraced the fact that I love to study everything, question everything and that I have an incredible open mind, I can't stick to just one thing, if I really needed to call myself something, I guess I would be a student. I'm like a running river, not like a steady mountain.

Another reason would be that ordinary school just don't keep up to speed with me.
And I like to decide for myself when, where and what to study.

Why do I want to share this on a blog?

I've come to the realization that I learn A LOT by doing this.
Often when I study, I take on the role of what I study. I like to live the perspective,
and by doing this I become more open and less judging, something I wish for other people in this world. When I say I become the perspective, doesn't mean that if I study about serial killers, I become a serial killer! I don't take it that far :P

Though I can take it far when it's for a good cause. when I was studying about permaculture and gardening, I started doing this myself, I got friends that was doing it, I even joined a course, I got a flock of hens (which I still have) and I basically was driven by enthusiasm and learned a lot.

The most important thing I learned is to be open. I can have empathy and understand so many different types of values, lifestyles and religions, because I've been there and understood it.
This doesn't mean that I am perfect and all loving, but it's a gift that I've given myself. And it takes hard work.

I think it's important to share my perspective, because I have not seen a blog like this anywhere else. Everyone nowadays wants the be a preacher for a personality. People even become famous on social media for fronting one set of interest or personality. So when a young person that doesn't identify with much sees all this, they think it's something wrong with them, just like I did.
And then, maybe they'll find my blog, and they'll find out that it's awesome to be like this, that you can use it for the better!

What am I going to share on this blog?

The different subject I've studied. How I do it. How I keep on doing it.
How it is to be this kind of person, that doesn't belong anywhere.
How to be this person in the middle of everything, the person
who agrees with both sides, or none of them. How one
can have a lot of interests, and still learn a lot about them, how to stick
with one subject for a period of time.
How to not procrastinate things.
How to feel a sense of purpose in a world that wants you to stick a label on yourself!

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